History & Background

Over the years, the charity has grown beyond its wildest dreams.

In 2005, one of HHAs co-founders (Carwyn Hill) responded to a small post-it- note left on a notice board at a Christian conference. The note was written by the then President of The Baptist Convention of Haiti (Pastor Gedeon), who was in need of a bed having travelled to the UK and underestimated the cost of accommodation. Pastor Gedeon accepted Carwyn’s invitation, and whilst surprised to be hosted by a scruffy 21-year-old drama student, the two quickly connected.

Pastor Gedeon subsequently invited Carwyn and two friends, Jonnie Horner and Rodney Wilson, to Haiti. Whilst there they were touched by the tragic and completely unnecessary death of an 11-year-old girl called Julia, who died simply due to a lack of basic health care. Feeling challenged by God at the injustice of what they’d witnessed they decided to start HHA. The below gives a glimpse as to what’s happened since…


Continue to support our partner hospital in Haiti, now a 100+ bed facility supporting over 170 Haitian staff. Also taken our first trip to South Sudan as we look at possibilities of replicating our work there, as part of our rebrand, changing from Haiti Hospital Appeal to Hope Health Action


Opened a new Emergency Department at Hospital HCBH in partnership with UN and refurbished our original 2007 Community Health Centre


Launched major maternal and infant child health programme through UKAID funding


Increased capacity of 4x4 Emergency Ambulance Service with new Ambulance


Opened a leading Maternity, Paediatric and Neonatal Unit, as well as an Inclusive Sports Centre in partnership with UN. One of our Rehab patients from the earthquake also got to represent Haiti with Haiti NPC at London 2012 Paralympics.


Partnered with the UN, MSPP, KS, TTCHH and Swiss Paraplegic Foundation to open Haiti's first permanent Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation Unit in response to 2010 earthquake


HHA responds to Haiti's devastating earthquake through emergency aid and medical relief (particularly caring for individuals left paralysed.) Also, responded to Haiti's cholera epidemic, partnering with MSF, KS and others to develop North Haiti's largest Cholera Treatment Centre


HHA respond to the tragic story of an abandoned girl with Cerebral Palsy and develops into disability care...opening a Respite Centre for children with disabilities.


HHA launches a 4x4 Emergency Ambulance Service


HHA becomes a registered UK charity and opens a Community Health Centre in North Haiti


Haiti Hospital Appeal (HHA) starts fundraising with the vision to support the dream of Dr Toussaint, a Haitian Pediatrician with a heart to build a new hospital in North Haiti.


Co-founders, Jonnie Horner and Carwyn Hill visit Haiti for first time, where they are challenged by injustice of healthcare in Haiti


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