"Having visited the country, I know that HHA is a shining example of a London charity making a real difference to people’s lives overseas."

Justine Greening, UK International Development Secretary HHA

HHA has had the privilege to partner with a broad range of donors and agencies, implementing life saving programmes. This has been done with the support of local Government agencies. Funding partners have included, (but not limited to):

UKaid are currently funding HHA to implement a 3 year Maternal and Infant Community Health Programme in Northern Haiti which is helping to reduce maternal and infant mortality rates across the region. We have also worked closely with the UK’s embassy in Haiti, partnering on a number of Foreign and Commonwealth Office projects.

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HHA have valued a long-term partnership with The United Nations through their QIP (Quick Impact Projects) and CVR (Community Violence Reduction) teams, implementing 5 major grants with UN Funding. This has included two regional solar street light projects, a Rehabilitation Unit for people with Spinal Cord Injuries, an Inclusive Sports Centre (opened by the head of Haiti's United Nations MINUSTAH Mission) and an Emergency Department.

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The Swiss Paraplegic Foundation have been supporting HHA since 2010, when the devastating Haiti earthquake left hundreds with Spinal Cord Injuries. Since sending their first emergency team to HHA after the disaster they have co-funded Haiti's first permanent Rehabilitation Unit, and provided annual support for the centre's on-going operational costs.

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Following Haiti's devastating earthquake, USAID assisted HHA with 5 grants, including a major cholera programme which contributed to a reduction in cholera related mortalities in our target region from 13% to less than 0.3%. Other grants included carrying out critical capital building projects at our partner hospital in Haiti, including equipping the facility with solar energy.

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Following a visit from the Australia High Commission in 2013, HHA were fortunate enough to receive a two-year grant from Australia DAP to procure urgent supplies to enhance our UKAID Community Health Care Programme. This partnership has enhanced our capacity to help reduce infant and maternal mortality rates.

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HHA have benefited from two grants from the Guernsey Overeas Aid Commission, both of which have provided valuable support in enhancing our partner hospital's solar capacity, as we seek to provide clean and sustainable energy to one of North Haiti's leading hospitals.

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In 2015 HHA were invited to take part in an exciting new trial of an automated blood pressure monitoring device developed by Kings College London. This 3 year trial is being implemented in ten countries across the world, of which Haiti is one, and could have a significant impact in reducing maternal mortality rates in the developing world.

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HCBH Hospital & The Baptist Convention of Haiti

In 2007 we had the privilege of co-founding the establishment of HCBH Hospital in partnership with The Baptist Convention of Haiti. We have since enjoyed a wonderful partnership. In our collective efforts we have now built one of the leading hospitals in North Haiti, a 100+ bed hospital, with over 170 Haitian staff currently employed.


Alongside the support of our major grant agencies, HHA couldn't exist without the generous and significant support of other smaller trusts and foundations. We are incredibly grateful for all those who have supported us. Please read out Annual Reports to find out the specific support of individual trusts.

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Alongside the groups listed above, we have also had the privilege to work with a number of other amazing organisations. It would be impossible to list all the groups we have partnered with, but most notably, we have received invaluable support from:


We’re incredibly grateful for the on-going partnership we have with KS, closely collaborating on a range of projects since the 2010 Earthquake. KS are our most active partner on the ground partnering on a range of current activities including our UKaid funded community programme. KS have provided invaluable expertise, volunteers, logistical support, financial assistance and much more and have been key to HHAs development.


THHT help assist our partner hospital in Haiti and have been incredibly generous with their finances and time, supporting many of HHA’s visions for Haiti. They are one of our most active partners, collaborating on a new x-ray department, MdB and a Chapel appeal. We are grateful for their continued collaboration and hard work! They also send teams to our partner facility and are busy building a larger support base to support the vision in the US


DRI provide invaluable support to our partner hospital in Haiti, providing regular supplies of drugs and materials, without which the facility would struggle to serve the poorest benificaries.


Our main corporate sponsor who have been incredibly generous over the years, providing funding towards our work, hosting events for us and sending teams to Haiti. We are grateful for this on-going partnership.


BMS have assisted HHA in numerous ways, contributing to our disability work, cholera and earthquake appeals, Ambulance service and first trip to South Sudan. We appreciate their continued support of HHAs vision.


Founded by some close friends in Switzerland, HRS are doing an amazing job helping to extend HHAs vision for disability care, specifically raising funds and support for our rehabilitation unit in Haiti.


HHA have benefited from wheelchairs from this foundation for many years. Without their support our disability work would not be possible. In 2015 alone they sent HHA over 250 chairs for persons with disabilities in Haiti.


Aside from sending regular teams to our partner hospital in Haiti, certain members of this team have been incredibly generous with their time and finances raising support for HHA activities in Haiti.

Other significant partners over the years include Dentsu Aegis Network, Hogan Lovells, Off-grid Energy, ITEC and Team Canada Healing Hands, CBM, Chance for Childhood, ACET International and many others. We are grateful for you all.

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