During the last week, a brave team of hand-bike novices took part in and completed the second annual Cycle of Change - 5 days and over 1000kms on a hand-bike. They were raising money for HHA’s disability care work in Haiti which not only provides medical care for people with disabilities, but also gives patients the opportunity to build self-confidence through mastering disability sports like hand-cycling.   

This unique challenge event takes place in partnership with Swiss organisations, Haiti Rehab Schweiz and the Swiss Paraplegic Foundation. So the relay team were assisted along the epic route from London to Switzerland by two seasoned Swiss hand-cyclists who yet again showed us all that disability is no barrier to sporting excellence by completing several long and gruelling sections and incredible speeds.  This year we also welcomed a very special guest who completed the final leg of the relay into Nottwil, Switzerland – Heinz Frei - one of the great names in Paralympic history. 


Committing to an event like this is not easy. For most it is the first time they have even seen a hand-bike let alone ridden one on public roads across 4 countries! But this event is all about the team and not individual performances. This year’s team ranged from someone who hadn’t ridden a bike of any sort for many years through to someone who regularly competes in triathlons with everything in between. It doesn’t matter how fast you are or how far you can go, the team work together to complete the distance. 

We can’t thank everyone who took part enough for the faith they have shown to get involved and the incredible effort every single person put in both during the event and in their fundraising. The feeling when you cross the finish line in front of a cheering crowd is very special but what’s more important is that the money each participant has raised will transform lives in Haiti. HHA’s  disability care work ensures some of the world’s most vulnerable receive comprehensive disability rehabilitation building back up their physical and emotional strength and re-integrating them back into their community with the resources to look after themselves and even provide for their families. HHA is passionate about this work and we believe no-one suffering from disability should be without the care they need. The thousands of pounds this year’s team have raised so far is making that vision a reality in Haiti.

So will Cycle of Change be back for a third year in 2017? I’m pretty sure it will and we’d love you to consider taking part next year. We can promise you some amazing memories, the chance to so something unique, and most importantly that every penny you raise will be changing lives beyond belief. All we need from you is commitment and enthusiasm to get stuck in. Get in touch if you are interested: info@hopehealthaction.org.