As you may have seen from our Advocacy Page, we're currently supporting an emerging campaign called End Poverty 2030 which is hoping to awaken people's attention to the UN's newly adopted Global Goals.  A series of 17 targets to help end extreme poverty, of which tackling climate change is high up on the agenda.

After the UKs September heatwave, the fact that July 2016 was the hottest month in recorded history may not be a surprise.  Alarmingly though, July marked the 15th straight month in a row in which global heat records have been broken.  Reports highlight that in 2015, climate change contributed to declining global snow and ice cover, widespread coral bleaching, harmful effects on arctic animals and marine life and extreme weather events (including a record breaking cyclone season).  The consequences for this, particularly for the worlds poorest shouldn't be ignored.  

As part of our End Poverty 2030 work, over the last few months we've had the privilege of visiting some of the UK's leading Christian NGOs.  There is recognition across the board that we need to swiftly wake up to the climate issue.  A leading activist on this subject and founder of, Bill McKibben said in one article that the changes we're living through now will one day be looked back upon in awe - 'Awe that we were here to see it happening and didn’t lift a finger to stop it'.

The summer has certainly offered a personal wake up call on my own actions to climate, but it has also further affirmed why Hope Health Action's efforts on climate are so important!  Over the last week our team in Haiti have been busy installing 32 new solar panels for the hospital, alongside new batteries and inverters.  It's another step forward in our efforts to provide the hospital with clean and sustainable energy that can improve patient care now and hopefully contribute to a more sustainable planet in years to come.  We are grateful to Guernsey Overseas Aid Commission and Offgrid Energy for their kind support in this project!