In 2015 an estimated 5.9 million children under 5 will have died, equivalent to 11 every minute.


The majority of global infant deaths occur in the developing world, most caused by preventable health situations.

Since 1990, the world has cut the rate of child deaths by more than half. HHA is committed to continuing the fight against child and infant mortality. We do so through a range of services:


Haiti has the highest rates of infant mortality in the western hemisphere. 1 in 39 babies won’t survive their first month and those born prematurely only have a 50% chance of survival.

HHA support one of the leading paediatric and neonatal units in North Haiti, a 30+ bed facility helping to reduce infant mortality rates. In 2015 this unit provided care for over 4,100 paediatric cases, including specialist neonatal care for 588 babies in the facilities neonatal intensive care unit. The facility has a regional reputation for excellence and receives referrals from across the Northern departments.


Through funding from UKAID and AUSTRALIA AID, HHA are currently managing a major infant health care programme in North Haiti. Services include providing:

  • Two monthly mobile health clinics for the most marginalized children
  • Vaccination posts in the community for infants
  • A nutritional referral process for malnourished children in the community
  • Support to 12 Community Health Agents who provided 12,138 home visits in 2015.
  • Improving the referral of high-risk neonatal cases from the community to hospitals with a 4x4 Ambulance service.

We’re currently reviewing new infant health opportunities in South Sudan.

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