Currently about a third of the world’s population lacks adequate access to quality healthcare.

Beyond our other key areas of maternal, infant, disability and emergency care, HHA also support a vast range of other community health services, ensuring the worlds poorest have access to life saving health care.


HHA support a vast range of community health services, ensuring the world’s poorest have access to life-saving health care. This includes supporting our partner hospital in Haiti with a range of help, providing:

  • On-going assistance to their Community Health Centre (including a large 2015 refurbishment).
  • A new radiology department with digital processing
  • Support to their new laboratory to improve diagnostics
  • Assistance in the development of surgical care in two newly opened operating theatres
  • Assistance with various other community projects including HIV care, which screened 5,278 people in 2015.
  • Implementing solar street light projects with the UN in Northern Haiti to reduce crime and improve living standards across the region.

We are currently reviewing community health needs in South Sudan with the view of initiating support in the coming year (2016/17).

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