Only 2% of people with a disability in the developing world have access to appropriate health care and rehabilitation.

World Health Organisation

98% of persons with disabilities in the developing world go without adequate support like wheelchairs, access to physiotherapy and education.

HHA are passionate about standing against this, ensuring people with disabilities across the globe have access to dignified and often lifesaving care.


Following the devastating 2010 earthquake in Haiti, hundreds of people were left completely or partially paralysed due to spinal cord injuries (SCI). SCI rehabilitation had never been done before in Haiti, yet there was a huge need to respond. HHA subsequently partnered with the UN, Swiss Paraplegic Foundation, Konbit Sante, Team Canada Healing Hands and MSPP to open Haiti’s first permanent SCI centre, a 20 bed inpatient and outpatient facility.

This has since become a national referral centre providing support for patients with SCI, strokes and other neurological disabilities.


Alongside our hospital based services, HHA also support a community team in Haiti, who support over 190 families who have children with disabilities. Our team ensure families receive pastoral support and have appropriate referrals to health or rehabilitation services. In addition, they advocate on the families behalf, making schools, government services and religious institutions more inclusive of persons with disabilities.


In developing countries, the majority of children with disabilities have no access to schooling. Stigma against children with disabilities is rife, with many viewed as cursed or worthless. Fighting against these realities, HHA have established a respite centre called Maison de Benediction, that provides residential respite care for children with disabilities in Northern Haiti.

The centre provides unique support to some of the regions most vulnerable families, offering children play therapy, physiotherapy, medical and nutritional support, and much more.

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