Hope Health Action respond to major emergencies, providing life-saving care.

Since Hope Health Action’s beginnings, we have been involved in providing life saving emergency care in response to major international incidents and day to day community level emergencies.

Day to day emergency care

HHA support one of the few publicly available ambulance services in Northern Haiti. In 2015 this service responded to 639 emergency calls, ranging from road traffic accidents, domestic emergencies or obstetrical emergencies.

In 2015 HHA also received funding from the UN to complete a new Emergency Unit for North Haiti, a 16-bed facility opening in 2016.

2016 South Sudan Exploratory Visit

HHA have visited South Sudan to review a response to the on-going critical crisis and are currently looking to initiate some programmes in the near future. South Sudan currently stands as the world’s most fragile country due to the recent civil war.

2010 –2016 Cholera Epidemic

Haiti continues to suffer from one of the worst cholera epidemics a single country has ever faced. HHA partnered with MSF, KS and others to initiate a major community prevention scheme that impacted over 360,000 people and helped reduce cholera related mortality in our region from 13% to less than 0.3%.

We also helped found North Haiti’s largest cholera treatment centre, a 250 bed facility that completed its work in 2015.


On 12th January 2010, Haiti was hit by one of the worst natural disasters in recent history. HHA responded rapidly providing a range of support, including but not limited to, aid distribution, emergency medical teams and services, the opening of Haiti’s first spinal cord injuries unit, and a re-housing project for internally displaced persons with disabilities.


In 2008, a region in Haiti called Gonaives suffered a devastating hurricane and series of mud slides that devastated a community. HHA responded to the specific needs expressed by the community and in partnership with BMS World Mission, initiated a programme to ensure local children could continue going to school.

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