Every day around 830 women and girls die needlessly in pregnancy and childbirth across the globe.

99% of maternal deaths happen in the developing world, most from avoidable circumstances.

HHA believes every mother and baby deserves the right to life through safe and dignified maternal health. Each year we support thousands of women through a range of community and hospital based activities, as we fight to reduce maternal mortalities globally.

We currently provide a range of maternal health programmes, including:


Haiti has the highest rates of maternal mortality in the western hemisphere, with 63% of deliveries taking place at home without any formal medical support.

We support one of North Haiti’s leading Maternity Units, a 25-bed facility that provides 24/7 obstetrical care, with two natural birthing suites and an emergency obstetrical operating theatre. In 2015 this unit provided 1,141 deliveries, of which 35% were emergency C-Sections, providing life saving hospital based care to some of Haiti’s poorest women. In 2015, this facility provided thousands of other consultations, including over 2,300 prenatal consultations.

We are also working with Kings College London on a 3-year trial called CRADLE, introducing a newly developed blood pressure device into three of Cap-Haitien’s leading maternity facilities to help detect high risk maternal cases more swiftly.

We’re currently reviewing new maternal health opportunities in South Sudan.


With funding support from UKAID and AUSTRALIA AID, HHA also carry out an extensive community outreach programme in Northern Haiti, which includes providing:

  • Two monthly prenatal mobile health clinics for the most marginalised women
  • Support to a network of 110+ Traditional Birth Attendants (TBAs), with clean birthing kits and education . In 2015 our TBAs supported 776 deliveries in the community.
  • Monthly women’s groups
  • Support to 12 Community Health Agents who provided 12,138 home visits in 2015.
  • A 4x4 Ambulance and local first responder team to refer high risk women to hospital.
  • Annual male conferences for 400+ men on gender rights and equality

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