NICU Development Appeal

Transforming infant healthcare in North Haiti through more specialist equipment and improved facilities


Since 2012, our Neonatal Unit has become the best place in the north of Haiti for infant critical care. Premature and sick babies survive against the odds every day, each one a little miracle. But with so few facilities like ours in Haiti, and with so many babies needing specialist treatment every day, there’s so much more we need to do.

Our unit was built for just 8 babies but now often cares for 15 at a time, sometimes over 20. Staff need to improvise without the space and equipment they need to treat every baby in the way they would want. Specialist equipment is scarce and must be shared between infants. When there are too many babies needing the same vital piece of equipment, the staff must make impossible decisions.



Thanks to the committed support of so many friends over the years, we’ve been able to supply several pieces of new equipment which has helped improve the quality of care for babies. But we’re now at the point where a significant upgrade to the Unit’s capacity is urgently needed.

Our plan is to build a large extension to the existing building. There main ward will move to the new extension dramatically increasing the working space around each baby improving conditions for staff and visiting family alike.

The extension will also house a private mother’s room and staff changing facilities. The existing room will be converted into a regional staff training facility, strengthening our position as a place of learning for medical students. 

The additional space in the main ward is also vital to house the array of new equipment we also want to supply. The unit needs more incubators, CPAP breathing machines, phototherapy units and many more pieces of vital specialist equipment. Each bed space should be fully equipped so that every baby who is brought to the hospital receives the very best care available in North Haiti.




Make a donation to our appeal today. Even a small contribution will not only help babies right now, but also bring these vital expansion plans one step closer.

£25 is enough to staff the NICU for 7 hours 

£350 is enough to buy a pulse-oximeter used to monitor a baby’s oxygen levels

£1200 could buy a baby incubator, vital for protecting premature babies from infection

£5000 could help us fund the building work for the NICU extension 


As a church, you can help by dedicating a service to this appeal and hold a collection. We’d be happy to share our plans in person. As a school, you can involve the children in a fundraising event or activity. As an individual you can put on a small fundraising event like a coffee morning or perhaps dedicate your birthday to HHA this year.

Please also consider taking your fundraising even further in 2018. If you’ve been considering taking on a personal challenge, then why not do something to raise money for our Neonatal Appeal? Check out our events or get in touch if you have an idea.


Take some time to reflect and pray for the babies in Haiti who do not receive the specialist medical care they need. Pray for their families who are in need but cannot afford healthcare. Please pray that HHA receives the resources to give all babies the chance they deserve. Pray that they all receive the gift of life this Christmas.


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