South Sudan Emergency Appeal

Bringing Hope, Health and Action to the South Sudan Refugee Crisis through education, nutrition and disability care


South Sudan is facing the worst refugee crisis in Africa and the third worst in the world, with over 2.3 million people displaced internally and across neighbouring countries.  In addition, 100,000 are facing starvation in the country, with over a million more on the brink of famine.  Overall, 40% (4.9m people) of South Sudan's population are in urgent need of food, agriculture and nutritional aid.  

Please watch this film and read our CEO's blogs from his visit to the region to find out why your support is so urgently needed:



Following our recent visit to northern Uganda, which included meeting with various agencies and talking with the refugee community, HHA (in partnership with BMS World Mission) have been asked by local partners to support 3 areas of need:

DISABILITY CARE:  According to the UNHCR there is currently no disability care for a Refugee Camp of 144,000 people, leaving children and adults with disabilities at severe risk.  You may have read our CEO's blog, ' The Devil Came Down', where he shared the moving story of one child with special needs tied to a tree.  The boy hadn't eaten for 5 days as the family couldn't afford the food he can eat.  We need your help to raise £20,000 so we can start a Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) programme, supporting 10 CBR workers to provide disability services to such children and families.

NUTRITIONAL SUPPORT:  There are 1,000 Internally Displaced Persons still in Kajo Keji (where many have fled from) who our local partners have asked us to help.  We've been called to provide emergency food rations, tools for agriculture and seeds so they can start to harvest their own sustainable food in the area they've been displaced in.  We want to raise £50,000 to provide nutritional support over 3 months.

EDUCATION:  As of 23rd March, there were over 12,400 secondary school students in the camp we've been asked to support, with only 15% attending school.  Without education, students risk becoming displaced again, returning to South Sudan re-engaging in the war, or leaving the country's future with a huge educational gap when the refugees return.  The Baptist Convention of South Sudan have asked for £12,000 to help get 300 refugees back into school.




We need your help, so we can bring Hope, Health and Action to the South Sudanese Refugee Crisis.

DONATE:  Please make a donation today so we can carry out this critical work.

FUNDRAISE:  Could you do a specific fundraiser for this Emergency Appeal?  Whether it be a sponsored event on your own or getting your school, church or work involved...your efforts can have a huge impact!  If helpful, we may even be able to come and do a talk.

PRAY:  The scale of this crisis is huge and needs our prayer.  Please pray for the situation in northern Uganda where many refugees have fled to and that we'll receive the funds needed to implement this work.

SHARE:  Unfortunately this crisis isn't getting as much news coverage as it deserves and needs.  Please share this appeal with your friends, family and local community, via Facebook, Twitter, E-mail etc.


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